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Month: September 2005 (page 1 of 2)

Sony DSC-T7 Cyber-shot

Sony DSC-T7 cameraSony’s slimmest Cyber-shot, the DSC-T7, is more than just a camera. It’s skinny enough that you could use it to shim up a wobbly kitchen table or to wedge a door shut. Or you could weld on a little extra hardware and wear it as a belt buckle.… Read the rest

IBM ThinkPad X41 Tablet

ThinkPad X41 TabletTo some, the Tablet PC operating system ranks right up there with Microsoft Bob, Clippy the Office Wizard, and Steve Ballmer as one of Microsoft’s most obnoxious, useless creations. The IBM ThinkPad X41 Tablet is unlikely to change the minds of the haters.… Read the rest

SanDisk Sansa e130

SanDisk MP3 playerIf you prefer the McDonald’s dollar menu to dining at the Ritz, Friday night TV movies to Broadway shows, and big blocks of Velveeta to imported French Brie, then the SanDisk Sansa e130 is the perfect audio player for you. Just don’t ask it to deliver top-drawer audio quality or usability.… Read the rest

Interface revolution.

“There is a design revolution going on. And it’s not about the winner of round 5 of the console wars. This is about moving our devices out into free space, no longer constrained by their own form factor. This is about how we start using our bodies for communication, commerce and play in a digital world.”… Read the rest

Palm turns to Windows.

treo 700wMy story about Palm Inc. for the November issue of Mobile (on newsstands next week) turns out to be right on the money. My analysis: Palm better switch from Palm OS to Windows Mobile soon, or face oblivion. Today, confirmation: Engadget shows the Windows-based Treo 700w.… Read the rest

Mobile no more.

Well, I should have lots more time for blogging now that my days won’t be taken up with the agonizing work of producing the world’s most entertaining, authoritative magazine on mobile technology. Yes, it’s true: Mobile magazine has folded. Despite having far better-written, more accurate, and better edited copy than the competition, despite having a respectably large monthly circulation, and despite selling nearly 40 pages of quite expensive ads every month, we somehow never managed to crawl out of the money pit we dug for ourselves in the early days.… Read the rest

Baroque Hoedown.

perrey album cover For me, Disney’s Electrical Parade was the highlight of our visit there this past spring. It’s a long, trippy parade of illuminated vehicles and floats, some of which are covered with thousands of lights, which starts just about sundown and goes on for maybe 20 minutes.… Read the rest

Spork crabs!

spork crab

Sept. 17 is Coastal Cleanup Day. Go catch a spork crab!

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Google Purge.

Google Announces Plan To Destroy All Information It Can’t Index

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What’s wrong with science journalism.

A lot: see Don’t dumb me down, the latest installment of the Guardian’s weekly “Bad Science” column.

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