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Month: March 2005 (page 1 of 2)

Coasting in.

Driving home last night, stop-and-go traffic on the 101, gas gauge pegged to E, I finally ran out of gas about half a mile short of my exit. Restarted the truck and made it as far as the exit, then a couple blocks up Poplar, before the truck ran out of gas again while I was waiting at the light.… Read the rest

Walk this way.

Clara heard “Walk This Way” on the radio last week, and asked to hear it again yesterday. Karen says they listened to it about 18 times yesterday morning (including both Aerosmith and Run DMC versions) before preschool. After she got home, all Clara wanted to do was sit in front of the computer and listen to it over and over again.… Read the rest

South Park.

Thanks to I., I now know what I would look like if I were a South Park character.
dft as a south park character

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How to destroy the earth.

A practical guide.

(via Chris)

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Maxtor OneTouch II

Maxtor OneTouch IIBackups are boring. Backups are tedious. That’s why no one backs up — and why, one day, you’ll inevitably lose everything you own to a hard-drive crash. Maxtor’s OneTouch II can save you from that miserable fate by making backups as simple as poking a little blue button.… Read the rest

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