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Month: February 2005

Cowbells cowbells cowbells!

Helluva a playlist here–all songs with cowbells! (thanks, Scot)

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Top 100 Gadgets of All Time.

The definitive list, from Mobile PC.

Update 2/22: This story got posted on BoingBoing, Fark, and as of this morning, Slashdot. We’ve had our editors talking about it on CNN, Fox, and a slew of radio shows.… Read the rest

Zhao Bao style Taijiquan.

His kung fu looks crazy — but you wouldn’t want to fight him.

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Are your all idiots.

One of the delights of running a free haiku site is getting angry, crazy, or just plain bizarre emails from people who feel that, for some reason, my web site is not living up to their expectations. Publish the wrong haiku, and some people will send profanity-laced invective.… Read the rest

More on Miller.

Dennis Miller on the set of his showI had a great time on the Dennis Miller show yesterday, and I even got to meet Mowgli, the chimpanzee, on his last day working the show. While we were taping, I snapped Miller’s cheerful mug with the Treo 650 I was showing him.… Read the rest

Tune in to Dennis Miller tonight.

I’ll be doing a segment on the Dennis Miller show on CNBC tonight, showing off some nifty new gadgets from Mobile PC’s March issue. It’s on at 9pm most places, on CNBC. Check me out!

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FujiFilm FinePix E550

fujifilm e550If nothing matters but the megapixels, take a look at the Fujifilm FinePix E550, one of the few cameras of its size (or price) to top 6 megapixels. It delivers stunningly detailed, well-exposed shots with good color. Leather, fur, the nubbly texture of stucco — no matter what your fetish, the textures will look good in pictures from this camera.… Read the rest

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