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Month: November 2004 (Page 1 of 2)

Handy stickers.

Kids! Put these on your textbooks!
disclaimer sticker

This textbook contains material on gravity. Gravity is a theory, not a fact, regarding a force that cannot be directly seen. This material should be approached with an open mind, studied carefully, and critically considered.

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Philosophy matters.

I’m not sure who’s behind it (the name “Werbach” suggests it might be Kevin or Adam), but these 19 Theses about the Democratic party’s massive failure in the past election sure make sense. Obvious sense, but sense nonetheless.

It’s been clear to me since before the election that progressives have lost control of the national dialog.… Read the rest

Why daddy is a doofus.

Yesterday Clara and I went to the park. I was unshaven (almost no time for personal hygiene in our nonstop weekend schedule), unshowered (ditto), baseball cap pulled down over my messy hair, clothes slightly splattered with food from one of Clara’s meals earlier in the day, shoes still stained with mud from a visit to the pumpkin farm last month.… Read the rest

How to fold a shirt.

Thanks to ReadyMade magazine, I’m now a T-shirt-folding ninja. Here’s the video that shows how you, too, can fold a shirt in 3 seconds and amaze your family and friends. (Old news, I know, but laundry time makes me feel so badass now that I just can’t resist sharing with the few of you who haven’t heard about this yet.)… Read the rest

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