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Month: September 2004

Persistence of consciousness.

The molecules making up microtubules, the protein filaments that form the internal “scaffolding” of your body’s cells, are replaced every 10 minutes. Actin filaments in the dendrites of your neurons are recycled even quicker: every 40 seconds. In fact, the entire brain’s composition turns over every couple of months.… Read the rest

Xeni in Zero G.

I have to admit I’m insanely jealous: The multitalented Xeni Jardin will be flying on one of Zero-G’s first commercial zero-gravity air flights, 32,000 feet up. NASA has used parabolic flight trajectories to train astronauts in weightlessness for years. Now, Zero-G will begin selling these flights — 90 minutes, including 15 thirty-second episodes of varying degrees of weightlessness — for $3,000.… Read the rest

Truly underground cinema.

Police in Paris discovered a fully equipped movie theater in a large and previously uncharted part of Les Catacombes, underneath the 16th arondissement. A smaller cave next door had been turned into a restaurant and bar.

When police returned a few days later, the secret theater’s power and phone lines had been cut and a note was left on the floor: “Do not,” it said, “try to find us.”… Read the rest

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