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Month: September 2004 (page 1 of 2)

The Ultimate Travel Toolkit

Link: The Ultimate Travel Toolkit

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What is a nerd?

Paul Graham, in What the Bubble Got Right: “someone who doesn’t expend any effort on marketing himself. A nerd, in other words, is someone who concentrates on substance.”

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Wind rhinoceros.


Dutch artist Theo Jansen makes gigantic, wind-powered, walking “animals” out of steel and polyester sheeting, such as this 2-ton Animalis Rhinoceros Transport. (via Engadget)

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Cheap gasoline.

I can’t figure this out. With crude oil prices almost at a record-high $50/barrel, you’d think gasoline prices would be shooting up, too. But they’re not. In fact, the price of gasoline remains at historically low levels, when adjusted for inflation.… Read the rest

Persistence of consciousness.

The molecules making up microtubules, the protein filaments that form the internal “scaffolding” of your body’s cells, are replaced every 10 minutes. Actin filaments in the dendrites of your neurons are recycled even quicker: every 40 seconds. In fact, the entire brain’s composition turns over every couple of months.… Read the rest

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