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Month: May 2003 (page 1 of 2)

Starting to get it.

It’s finally starting to happen: Technology companies are waking up to the opportunities opened by the music industry’s steadfast refusal to embrace online distribution of music files. First, Apple opens its iTunes Music Store with a simple proposition: 99 cents per song with a catalog of 200,000 tunes.… Read the rest

RSS Explained.

Awhile back, I complained that I couldn’t find a clear, straightforward, non-technical explanation of RSS. Well, here’s a good one from Michael Fagan. For a more technical introduction to RSS, see Mark Pilgrim’s explanation.

Fagan’s site, incidentally, has a handy general search page that lets you target a couple dozen online search engines and information resources from a single search field, plus a blog search that targets weblogs and RSS feeds.… Read the rest

Bartleby beats Encarta.

Read the rest

Google cache lookup.

Jonathan Rentzsch wrote a little JavaScript utility to help recover from 404:Page Not Found errors. It takes the current URL in your browser, and uses it to retrieve the archived version of that page from Google’s cache. Here’s Rentzsch’s discussion on Google cache hacking.… Read the rest

Linux is Theft?

A press release by Unix publisher SCO Group claims that “Linux is an unauthorized derivative of UNIX and that legal liability for the use of Linux may extend to commercial users. SCO issued this alert based on its findings of illegal inclusions of SCO UNIX intellectual property in Linux.”

Apparently, SCO hasn’t initiated legal proceedings against anyone, but it has suspended distribution of its own version, SCO Linux.… Read the rest

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