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Month: March 2003

World Poetry Day on tinywords.

A comment from Scot reminds me that you all might be interested to hear how last week’s World Poetry Day event on tinywords went. The short answer: Amazingly well! More than 60 poets from around the world (India, Ireland, Trinidad, Australia, the U.S.,… Read the rest

CA web site scandal.

California debuted a nice shiny new portal a couple of years ago, which I wrote about at the time. One of the people responsible building the site was Arun Baheti. When I interviewed him in 2001, he boasted that he’d built the entire site in under 110 days with a budget of $2 million.… Read the rest

High-Tech Haiku.

The other site I run is tinywords.com, which publishes one haiku per weekday on the web and via email, SMS, and pager. Tomorrow, which is the first day of spring and also World Poetry Day, tinywords will be hosting the first ever world-wide, WiFi, ad-hoc, open-mike haiku reading.… Read the rest

Two by Tweney.

I’ve got not one, but two articles in the April issue of PC World. For a feature story on Internet security, I wrote six how-to sidebars detailing important security patches for Windows, various applications, email programs, and browsers. It’s a veritable compendium of tips on how to fortify your system’s security.… Read the rest

Now They’re After You: Music Cops Target Users

From the April 2003 issue of PC World magazine

Millions of people download copyrighted songs and even movies from the Internet with little fear of being caught. That’s about to change.

“[The music industry is] starting to move down the food chain,” says Lawrence Hertz, a partner at New York law firm Hall Dickler Kent Goldstein and Wood, and a specialist in online law.… Read the rest

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