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Month: February 2003

Internet fixes

by Kim Zetter and Dylan F. Tweney
From the April 2003 issue of PC World magazine

[author’s note: Kim wrote the main story; I wrote the six sidebars, the text of which is reproduced below. Be sure to get the magazine to see the excellent illustrations by Hal Mayforth!]… Read the rest

MSN: Bork bork bork.

Opera Software announced today that they’re releasing a special version of their web browser. This version is in response to problems using Opera on MSN — apparently, the site was constructed deliberately to not work with Opera.

The Bork edition behaves differently on one Web site: MSN.… Read the rest

Adjustable fonts in IE.

I finally figured out how to override those nasty, tiny, fixed-point size fonts in Internet Explorer. (I bitched about them before.) Although it seems trivial, I’m posting this tip because these tiny fonts are, for some inexplicable reason, very popular right now.… Read the rest

Blogs and fame.

Clay Shirky observes that the popularity of weblogs follows a power law: A few popular blogs get the most links and the most traffic; most blogs get very little of either. Jason Kottke makes the same argument, with better graphics.… Read the rest

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