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Month: January 2003 (page 1 of 2)

Naked journalism.

Posting an unedited transcript, as I just did, is a disconcerting experience. It feels a little like taking off my journalistic clothes in public. For one thing, it reveals just how inarticulate I am when talking. Unlike Brian Lamb or Michael Krasny, I rarely ask questions that sound well-informed, well-rounded, and eloquent.… Read the rest

Transcript of Doctorow interview.

Cory Doctorow fans and others might be interested in the full, unedited transcript of my interview with Cory Doctorow.

Doctorow is a fast talker, so even though the interview lasted less than 45 minutes, this transcript is almost 8,500 words.… Read the rest

Quarterly envy.

Washington Post book columnist Michael Dirda indulges a fantasy that afflicts nearly every book lover at some time or another — the desire to run a literary magazine. I know this temptation well. Sure, I know, the Internet gives everyone the equivalent of a printing press and blogging tools are the equivalent of a free photocopy machine with an unlimited budget for stamps — in other words, a zine publisher’s dream come true.… Read the rest

Googling the library.

I’ve been working with RLG for the past couple of months, writing and editing content for their web site and print publications. RLG is a consortium of research libraries, archives, museum libraries, and the like. One of the things I like about this gig has been that I get to learn about the high-tech information management tools that lurk in the background of these big libraries.… Read the rest

Q&A with Cory Doctorow.

My interview with Cory Doctorow for SFGate.com has just been published. Take a look!

It would make me pretty happy if this book contributed in some way to the idea that reading books on the screen is good. I know that there’s a meme that floats around that says, oh, reading off a screen is hard, and no one wants to do it and so on — despite all the evidence to the contrary.

Read the rest
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