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Month: August 2002 (page 1 of 4)


Spacewar! Fanatic life and symbolic death among the computer bums. “Ready or not, computers are coming to the people.” by Stewart Brand —Rolling Stone, December 7, 1972.

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MouseSite: Engelbart tribute

MouseSite: featuring video clips from Engelbart’s famous 1968 demo, in which he showed off the mouse, a graphical interface, WYSIWYG editing, shared-screen remote collaboration, hyperlinks, and lots more.

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BT loses hyperlink patent case.

BT loses hyperlink patent case.

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JRobb on KM weblogs

Just found this interview with Userland’s John Robb that explains pretty clearly and succinctly the benefits of knowledge management weblogs, or, as Robb refers to them, k-logs.

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Weblogs as knowledge tools

I just posted a new tweney report, which tries to clarify my thinking about weblogs as knowledge management tools.

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Understanding weblogs

I’ve been spending the past several weeks messing around with weblogs. I’ve written about the topic of weblogs before [1,2] and last week’s column for Business 2.0 was about the business uses of “blogging” for content and project management [3].

But last week, a few light bulbs went on.… Read the rest

Telcos enter the copyright fray

Telcos enter the copyright fray: “Verizon and other telecommunications giants have ordered their phalanx of lobbyists to oppose the entertainment industry’s demands for new copyright laws,” Declan McCullough writes in this interview with Verizon VP/general counsel Sarah Deutsch. Why is this such big news?… Read the rest

Weblog MetaData Inititative

The Weblog Metadata Initiative is trying to interconnect information about weblogs from different sources, such as Blogdex, the Blogosphere Ecosystem, and weblogs.com. So far, they seem interested primarily in collecting data about various blogs’ popularity and the links between blogs — but this seems like an important first step towards making weblog information more manageable and searchable.… Read the rest

Semantic web reading list

This looks like a good introduction to the semantic web and RDF.

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Farewell to tiny WISPs?

Fellow PC Computing alumnus Rafe Needleman is convinced that big, national wi-fi providers like T-Mobile spell the end for small, local wi-fi service providers. I’m not so sure. People have been predicting the demise of the mom-and-pop ISP for years now.… Read the rest

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