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Month: June 2002

Rehearsing for Success

Want to win your next negotiation? Role-playing, that much-maligned management technique, could actually do the trick.
From the July, 2002 issue of Business 2.0, page 94

Try this experiment: Mention the term “role-playing” to your colleagues and note whether they a) roll their eyes, b) groan bitterly, c) guffaw, or d) all of the above.… Read the rest

R&D spending

How much money is really spent on R&D in the U.S., and where’s it all going? Hard to say exactly, but a wonky study just churned out by the California government does shed some light. Their estimate: $220 billion a year, 20 percent of it in California.… Read the rest

Loudcloud Discovers Market Darwinism

Loudcloud announced this week that it would exit the Web outsourcing business. Does that mean you should think about running your website in-house? Not necessarily.

As recently as a year ago, managed service providers (MSPs) seemed to be a pretty good bet.… Read the rest

Q&A: Evan I. Schwartz / Author of "The Last Lone Inventor"

San Francisco, California, USA –One clear day in September 1927, in a small San Francisco laboratory, abrainy 21-year-old Utah farm boy demonstrated the first electronictelevision broadcast. But the name Philo T. Farnsworth never became ahousehold word. His efforts to bring television to market were thwarted byDavid Sarnoff, the hard-charging president of RCA, who managed throughdeceit, trickery and drawn-out litigation to delay television’s commercialdebut until 1939 — largely to protect RCA’s then-booming radio business.… Read the rest

Information You Need, Almost Anywhere

Truant officers in Boston are testing a new system that shows how mobile applications are supposed to work.

Elliot Feldman, director of alternative education for Boston Public Schools, has no illusions about his job. Among other duties, he oversees the school system’s truant officers and meets with every unofficially absent student they pull off the streets.… Read the rest

Equally Shared Parenting

One year ago, my wife and I became parents, and decided to share the responsibility of raising our daughter equally. We each work half time, so one of us is always home with our girl.

We found out that it’s not so easy to make equally-shared parenting work, even in a progressive place like the Bay Area.… Read the rest

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