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Month: November 2001

Strong Java

Strong Java

Despite Microsoft’s best efforts, Java is well-established in the enterprise. Can it hold its ground?BY D.F. TWENEY

THIS YEAR, the programming language-cum-development platform called Java turned 5. It now stands as one of the world’s most popular computer languages—and it continues to grow.… Read the rest

Back to the Future: Java Goes Mobile

Back to the Future

By D. Tweney
Sun first touted Java as a universal client-side platform—and even went so far as to develop brain-dead network computers (NC) that relied on Java for their operating system and on servers for their storage and smarts.Read the rest

Think Globally, Act Locally

By: Dylan Tweney
Issue: November 2001
Adding foreign language versions of your website can easily pay for itself in fresh leads and revenues.

Most websites take a Model T approach to overseas marketing: You can access them in any language you want, as long as it’s English.… Read the rest

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