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Month: November 2001

Back to the Future: Java Goes Mobile

Back to the Future

By D. Tweney
Sun first touted Java as a universal client-side platform—and even went so far as to develop brain-dead network computers (NC) that relied on Java for their operating system and on servers for their storage and smarts.Read the rest

Strong Java

Strong Java

Despite Microsoft’s best efforts, Java is well-established in the enterprise. Can it hold its ground?BY D.F. TWENEY

THIS YEAR, the programming language-cum-development platform called Java turned 5. It now stands as one of the world’s most popular computer languages—and it continues to grow.… Read the rest

Think Globally, Act Locally

By: Dylan Tweney
Issue: November 2001
Adding foreign language versions of your website can easily pay for itself in fresh leads and revenues.

Most websites take a Model T approach to overseas marketing: You can access them in any language you want, as long as it’s English.… Read the rest

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