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Month: September 2001

How to Beat Corporate Alzheimer’s

For as long as people have been keeping records, they’ve struggled to find efficient ways to file their work. Ancient Assyrians, who scratched records on clay tablets, stored documents in pigeonholes in the walls of libraries, writing a list of each room’s contents on the wall — a kind of primitive database.Read the rest

Internet Emerges as the Most Reliable Way to Communicate

In the hours and days after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, millions of phone lines went silent, but e-mail and the Web continued to work.

For years we’ve been hearing about how the Internet was designed to withstand nuclear attacks. Well, at least we know it can resist terrorist bombardment, as was proven on Sept.Read the rest

Terror technology

Link: Terror technology

Link broken? Try the Wayback Machine.

Read the rest

Are You Overspending on That App Server?

To do business on the Web, you need an application server. Too bad you’re probably paying too much for it.

In e-business, an application server is the functional equivalent of the guy who stands on a shipping dock loading and unloading boxes all day long.Read the rest

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