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Month: August 2001

Cleaning Up Dirty Data

Many companies try to mine their mountains of data for new marketing ventures and better customer information. But are they finding gold in there — or garbage?

Information is power, as the saying goes, and if that’s true, bad information is worse than no information at all.Read the rest

HAL 9000 Is Ready to Take Your Order

In the 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey, a sentient (if ultimately haywire) shipboard computer named HAL 9000 converses with astronauts. Computers today aren’t smart enough to second-guess our actions (thankfully) or to carry on long, rambling discussions. But speech recognition software has gotten good enough to be adopted by major companies ranging from Merrill Lynch and T.Read the rest

Are Home PCs a Backdoor Into Your Corporate Network?

When it comes to network security, your corporate IT department probably has the company’s computers locked up in the technological equivalent of a medieval fortress. Your systems are likely ensconced behind a firewall, with antivirus monitoring software patrolling the perimeters and an array of additional security measures fending off unwanted intruders.… Read the rest

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