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Month: April 2001

Whip, Beat, and Stomp Your Data Into Submission

We all know that the information is out there, but who knows how to find it? Consider, for example, Ames Department Stores, headquartered in Rocky Hill, Conn., a discount retail chain with 452 outlets: Until recently sales managers there had to spend as much as a day combing through numerous databases, file servers, and Web documents just to pull together a basic sales report.Read the rest

Q&A: Amory B. Lovins

Q&A: Amory B. Lovins
Energy Expert Talks About California’s Crisis

D.F. Tweney, Special to SF GateThursday, April 26, 2001

Noted energy expert and former experimental physicist Amory B. Lovins founded theRocky Mountain Institute, an influential energy think tank based in Snowmass,Colo.,Read the rest

Want Quicker Downloads? Pony Up Some Cache

Link: Want Quicker Downloads? Pony Up Some Cache

Link broken? Try the Wayback Machine.

Read the rest

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