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Month: July 2000

Linux Looks Good to Retail

 Once the exclusive province of Internet infrastructure geeks and open-source devotees, Linux is starting to look attractive to retailers.

“I think you’ll see more and more retailers wake up to Linux,” says Mike Prince, vice president and CIO of Burlington Coat Factory, based in Burlington, NJ.… Read the rest

Live fast, die young

Link: Live fast, die young

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New Domains to Rule Over

Link: New Domains to Rule Over

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Plato argued in Republic that the best form of government was a benevolent dictatorship headed by an enlightened philosopher-king. For many years, the Internet had something very much like that in the late Jon Postel.… Read the rest

Cash for code

Cash for Code

Programmers jump on the money train.


Steve Elfanbaum wants to help his fellow code geeks make some extra cash.
Photo: Stephen Kennedy

View the Independent’s Day Xplanation

Let’s not foster any illusions about open source software: If you’re a programmer, it’s not going to make you rich.

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Among One’s Peers

Link: Among One’s Peers

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