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Month: April 2000 (page 1 of 2)

I bet you can’t wait

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Bye bye, B2B

Oops — so much for that trend! Investors are getting spooked about B2B e-commerce now, too.
Analysts see hard times for e-commerce firms

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The Washington Post published a

The Washington Post published a nice history of B2B e-commerce this week, tracing its roots back to EDI:
B2B: Almost as Old as the Internet

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A panel at the Computers,

A panel at the Computers, Freedom, and Privacy conference agreed: Broadband opens a can of security worms for unsophisticated home users.
Panel: Broadband security threat no exaggeration

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Web sites are becoming obsolete,

Web sites are becoming obsolete, as I’ve long argued. This article by Harvard Business Review editor Nicholas G. Carr makes the point convincingly. He points single-function applications like Napster, interactive email tools like Zaplets, and mobile/wireless commerce tools — all of which utilize the Internet without requiring the user to “go” to a Web “site.” In the future, Carr says, the Web will be transformed from “‘a clumsy and page-by-page experience’ to a set of customized, specialized tools controlled by the individual.”
Out of Site

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