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Month: March 2000 (page 1 of 5)

Yet another retail exchange. Hey,

Yet another retail exchange. Hey, guys? B2B exchanges are supposed to unite markets, not fragment them. How about teaming up with Sears, or Wal-Mart, both of which also recently launched big retail exchanges?
Retailers to form trading exchange

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It may sound obvious, but

It may sound obvious, but a new study shows that the single most important factor for online profitability is customer loyalty — getting customers to come back regularly. In fact, most online retailers lose money on one-time shoppers.
To earn customers’ loyalty, the study’s authors recommend, treat them as assets — not just transactions — and provide them with real value.… Read the rest

Fifteen big gas and electric

Fifteen big gas and electric companies are hiring PriceWaterhouseCooper to build them an online energy exchange, slated to be ready by the end of this year. No indication of how they plan to deal with existing energy exchanges, such as Altra, which are already ahead of them be a year or more.… Read the rest

Career shortcut: In a hurry

Career shortcut: In a hurry to get on the Internet bandwagon? No time to figure out what you can do? The Monster.com Dotcom Job Converter will tell you exactly how to transform yourself from some useless old-economy role like “Teacher” into a way-new-economy position like “Internet Trainer.”… Read the rest

Some progress: Now two patent

Some progress: Now two patent officers will review applications for online business method patents, instead of just one.
U.S. to revise Net patent process

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Odd lots go online: “Exclude

Odd lots go online: “Exclude autos on one side and fresh vegetables on the other side, and we’ll sell everything in between,” touts company chief executive Ken Frieze.
Online exchange reinvents the closeout sale

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Defense industry exchange announced …

Defense industry exchange announced … most mysterious is their choice of Microsoft for the underlying software. Microsoft??? No one building B2B exchanges these days is doing anything with Microsoft, as Computerworld recently reported.
Global trading exchange announced for aerospace and defense industry
B-to-B exchanges bypass Microsoft

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Misery of Web applications

Link: Misery of Web applications

Link broken? Try the Wayback Machine.

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The New York Times’ outstanding

The New York Times’ outstanding technology columnist Denise Caruso is leaving the paper. Her farewell column voices her reservations about the unbridled greed that seems to have overtaken the technology industry of late:
Technology Has Made Some People Money, but Is That All There Is?Read the rest

E-commerce is getting hot in

E-commerce is getting hot in Hong Kong — and in Taiwan, Korea, Japan, India, and the rest of Asia, where B2C commerce will hit $8.4 billion this year and B2B commerce will hit $30 billion … and the investment capital is flowing.… Read the rest

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