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AltaVista adds a new trick to its bag
The engineers at Alta Vista have a few tricks left in their bags, and the latest, a feature called Prisma, is a pretty useful reference tool. (tweney report, 2002-07-03)

Bandwidth pipe dreams
Some say bandwidth will eventually be free. Don't believe a word of it (tweney report, 2000-11-10)

Broken trust
Microsoft wants you to entrust its new "Palladium" project with the safekeeping of your computer's processor, memory, and hard drive. As if! (tweney report, 2002-06-28)

Coming shakeout
Peapod, CDNow in trouble; jumping on the business-to-business bandwagon; software patents revisited. (tweney report, 2000-03-21)

Consumers, unite!
Online multimedia; Cluetrain feedback (tweney report, 1999-04-19)

Deep linking bought by someone with a clue; Amazon backpedals; Benchmark makes a play for online shoes; just don't call it "snail" mail; Ticketmaster: Put down that link or we'll sue! (tweney report, 1999-08-30)

Digital Darwinism?
(tweney report, 1999-04-26)

Forward-thinking company
I hate banks; MP3; I-commerce on the cheap (tweney report, 1999-05-03)

Fundamentals lost and found
April's tech stock shakeout is focusing new attention on business funamentals, to the detriment of IPOs and portals. (tweney report, 2000-05-02)

Geeks are back
At O'Reilly's Peer-to-Peer conference, it was still possible to be excited about technology. Never mind the business models! (tweney report, 2001-02-16)

Getting personal
Personalization counts on Web sites; Net tax factions prepare for battle royal; auction houses stumble online; it's not cool to be a dot-com. (tweney report, 1999-11-15)

Holiday spirit
HP learns the true meaning of E-Christmas; CompUSA shoots itself repeatedly in the foot; TicketMaster's thoughtful clarification on deep linking policy; billionaire poets; a flood of online shoppers may be disappointed. (tweney report, 1999-10-18)

Inevitable technology
Napster is already obsolete -- and so too intellectual property, if Freenet takes off. (tweney report, 2000-05-25)

Internet war
(tweney report, 1999-04-05)

Inventing television
A common misconception about invention is that it's primarily the purview of solitary inventors tinkering in their woodsheds, like Thomas Edison or Bill Hewlett and David Packard. The fact is, for much of the 20th century, most innovation happened within corporate R&D departments. In this follow-on to my interview with Evan Schwartz, I discuss the lessons learned from Farnsworth's story. (tweney report, 2002-06-14)

It's the phone, stupid
Internet-enabled cell phones are the wave of the future, but don't look for the "wireless web" -- their killer app is something else altogether. (tweney report, 2000-06-08)

Just in time
Logistical challenges of holiday e-commerce and online-offline partnerships; the quietness of customer-driven marketplaces; questionable legal actions. (tweney report, 1999-12-17)

Learning to surf
Lotus Notes; Taylor Guitars part II (tweney report, 1999-05-10)

Less is Moore.
Learning to manage information effectively is the most pressing challenge facing the technology world today. (tweney report, 2002-12-13)

Live fast, die young
Napster injunction is the beginning of the end (tweney report, 2000-07-27)

Lower your expectations
Layoffs at startups continue, as venture capitalists begin investing more cautiously; what's your upside?; B2B marketplaces step up press release production. (tweney report, 2000-05-15)

Mail slot marketing
U.S. Postal service wants to interface with e-mail; banner ads not dead yet, but they aren't looking good; Britannica debuts free online encyclopedia; unintended side effects of broadband may include video spam. (tweney report, 1999-10-25)

Misery of Web applications
If you think people complain a lot about Windows, wait until Web applications are widespread. (tweney report, 2000-03-29)

Net backlash
Backlash on the Internet - Reports on death of eBay premature (tweney report, 1999-07-05)

Open secrets
The state of privacy on the Internet is almost as confused as the state of online copyright. Actually, it's worse. Privacy, unlike copyright, has barely even begun to exist as a real-world legal concept. The issues in the physical, offline world are themselves muddled -- let alone trying to apply them online. (tweney report, 2001-05-02)

Realism rising
The bloom is off profitless e-commerce pioneers; Universal Product Codes and vertical industry marketplaces; CompUSA, RIP. (tweney report, 2000-01-25)

Slower and slower
(tweney report, 1999-05-24)

Four strategies for fighting junk e-mail show that spam control based on content filtering is ultimately a losing battle. (tweney report, 2003-09-22)

Spinoff city
eBay's troubles; the tweney report gets its 1,000th subscriber; weblogs. (tweney report, 1999-06-14)

Spoofing P2P
Late last week, Congressional representative Howard Berman (D-Calif.) introduced a bill that would give the entertainment industry carte blanche to disable, block, spoof, or otherwise try to bring down peer-to-peer file-trading networks that are trafficking in pirated content. (tweney report, 2002-08-01)

Still waiting
WebVan problems continue; easy search with; learning to spell the new e-conomy. (tweney report, 1999-08-16)

Sue your customers
Metallica is on a mission to stop Napster users from stealing its intellectual property; can the Net survive? (tweney report, 2000-05-08)

Talk, talk
Demographic shifts as the Web goes mainstream; look to teenagers to see the future of the Internet (tweney report, 2000-09-15)

Terror technology
If anyone doubted the ability for events half a world away to hit us right here and now, the bombings on September 11 put that to rest. (tweney report, 2001-09-18)

The real Slim Shady
Copyright law is fast becoming irrelevant, thanks to the Internet and the infinite monkeys problem. It's time to start figuring out how to replace copyright with something that works. (tweney report, 2001-03-03)

This is a weblog
What that means is that, from time to time, I'll write something and post it to my web site, here. When I do, the new item will appear on my home page, here. (tweney report, 2002-01-23)

Two wrongs
Egghead-Onsale merger; procurement solutions reviewed by InfoWorld; an update on the Odyssey Project. (tweney report, 1999-07-19)

Understanding weblogs
I've been spending the past several weeks messing around with weblogs. Last week, the light bulb went on: I realized that a weblog could be a useful tool for personal knowledge management as well as for public communication. (tweney report, 2002-08-28)

Welcome to the future
Top Net trends of 2000; holiday e-commerce wrap-up; battle over Time itself; Linux and the online gift economy. (tweney report, 2000-01-03)

What's in a name
General incompetence surrounding DNS; AOL steps up the pressure on Microsoft; and the Times settle. (tweney report, 1999-08-09)

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