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Mini Movie Machine Almost Breaks Into the Big Time
Review of Dell's Mini 10 netbook. (Wired, 2009-03-25)

Unix Lovers to Party Like It's 1234567890
Unix "epoch time" hits a very interesting number: 1234567890. (Wired, 2009-02-12)

Jan. 26, 1983: Spreadsheets as Easy as 1-2-3
A historical piece on the 26th anniversary of Lotus 1-2-3 (Wired, 2009-01-26)

12 Good Gadgets for Hard Times
A list of gadgets you might want to get now, in case the recession gets really nasty (Wired, 2008-12-29)

Dec. 9, 1968: The Mother of All Demos
A historical brief on Douglas Engelbart's famous 1968 demo. (Wired, 2008-12-09)

Gallery: 40 Years of Mighty Mice
A gallery showing early models of the computer mouse, as well as later variants. (Wired, 2008-12-09)

Silicon Valley Conference Aims to Raise Planetary IQ
More than 100 hopeful believers in Douglas Engelbart's vision gathered Monday at San Jose's Tech Museum of Innovation, in the heart of Silicon Valley, to talk about the ways that they can help foster greater collective intelligence. (Wired, 2008-12-09)

Nov. 26, 1894: Cybernetics Pioneer Norbert Wiener Born
My mini-biography on mathematician and cybernetics inventor Norbert Wiener. (Wired, 2008-11-26)

Gawker's Nick Denton on the State of Blogdom
Interview with Gawker Media founder Nick Denton (Wired, 2008-01-18)

Blast to the Past
To decode da Vinci, you need a firm grasp of art. To learn from Archimedes, you need to get your hands on something a bit more sophisticated. Like a synchrotron that accelerates electrons to nearly the speed of light to produce x-rays. (WIRED, 2006-07-01)

The Ultimate Ultralight Camp
A new generation of backcountry gear offers the perfect balance of high performance and low, low weight. We show you a few of the best essential ultralight products. (WIRED, 2006-07-01)

Splash 'n' Shoot
Review of four waterproof cameras, from the summer issue of WIRED "Test." (WIRED, 2006-07-01)

Kings of All Media
Adding a computer to your home theater no longer means crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. Read this review of 4 media-savvy computers. (WIRED, 2006-05-31)

Big Shot
Review of the Sony DSC-R1, a digital camera with a big image sensor and a massive 5x zoom lens. (WIRED, 2006-04-01)

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