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Wake me up when the iPhone 42 comes out

Here we go again. The clouds part, and another iPhone descends from the heavens. What mystical secrets will be written on the device’s extra-large, 640-by-1,136-pixel Retina display? Will there be earthshaking new features? Will it contain the answer to the question of life, the universe, and everything? Not likely. Apple has entered a new phase […]

Dylan’s Desk: You are all to blame for Apple’s factories

As everyone knows by now, iPhones and iPads are built in huge Chinese manufacturing plants where tens of thousands of people work 12-hour shifts for little money, have little privacy, and are exposed to toxic chemicals and unsafe conditions every day. We’ve been hearing similar stories across other industries for years, but this one’s on […]

Dylan’s Desk: Siri is the grandmother of Marvin the Paranoid Android

In Star Trek IV, Scotty picks up a computer mouse and speaks into it, trying to get the machine’s attention. “Computer! Computer!” When nothing happens, someone tells him to use the keyboard. “How quaint,” is his bemused response. You might feel the same way in 10 years, if someone hands you a computer without a […]

Steve Jobs made a dent in the universe

Steve Jobs, the cofounder and former chief executive of Apple, has died. He was 56. Jobs was a visionary leader who, more than any other single person, reshaped the face of consumer technology. He was often quoted as saying “we’re here to put a dent in the universe.” He did exactly that. From his earliest […]

It’s not the iPhone 5, but the iPhone 4S looks pretty amazing

Apple fans who expected an iPhone 5 today were disappointed. Instead, all Apple unveiled was a phone that’s 2 times faster, with 7 times faster graphics rendering. It’s got a battery that’s good for a full day of talking, almost, and more than 3 solid days of listening to music. The camera is substantially improved, […]

Steve Jobs’s most ambitious product: Apple Inc.

  The list of iconic designs Steve Jobs made possible is long. But his most brilliant and ambitious design may be Apple itself. Jobs, who announced his resignation as Apple’s CEO yesterday, is rightly hailed as one of the most design-savvy executives in the electronics industry. He’s also an impressive architect of business structures. In […]

First iPhone in space to launch with last shuttle mission

  When the final space shuttle mission launches later this year, two iPhone 4s will be on board. The iPhones will be running an experimental app called SpaceLab for iOS, designed by Odyssey Space Research. Once the space shuttle Atlantis docks with the International Space Station, crew members will use the iPhones to conduct four […]

Apple’s Jobs Unveils Upgraded, More Colorful iPad 2

“In an all-white environment, the white version of the iPad 2 will have a better chance of hiding from predators.” via Gallery: Apple’s Jobs Unveils Upgraded, More Colorful iPad 2 | Gadget Lab | Wired.com.

Reports: Verizon iPhone Likely Coming Jan. 11

U.S. iPhone users frustrated with AT&T’s frequently dropped calls, limited geographic coverage, delayed delivery of iPhone tethering, elimination of unlimited data plans, poor customer service, and alleged cooperation with warrantless wiretapping by the NSA may soon have an alternative.* Verizon yesterday sent out invitations to a Tuesday, Jan. 11 press event in New York. Many believe that this event will be the […]

Supreme Court Considers Kindle v. iPad

Newly-approved Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan is a Kindle user, while longtime conservative Justice Antonin Scalia wields an iPad. This nugget of information appeared in a recent video clip on C-SPAN. Both justices use the devices (plus hard copy printouts) to read the vast quantities of written material they must wade through — up to […]

What We Wish Apple Would Do With iTunes

Apple is planning an announcement Tuesday morning regarding iTunes. Count us among the cautiously optimistic. ITunes is one of the most successful software packages in history, installed on more than 125 million computers worldwide and used for about 70 percent of all digital-music purchases. (Exact numbers are hard to find, but it’s huge.) Its reach […]

The iPad Is (Just) Television 2.0

The iPad has touched a nerve in the geek community. Judging by comments on Wired.com and elsewhere, many people are outraged that Apple would try to foist a less-capable, dumbed-down device on an unsuspecting public. Thanks to clever marketing, these people point out, Apple has persuaded us to spend $500 and more for something that’s […]

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