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DFT faceDylan Tweney is an award-winning writer, editor, and journalist.

I am the founder of Tweney Media, a content agency that helps companies communicate through blog posts, online magazines, podcasts, video, and more. I’m the former editor-in-chief of VentureBeat and was an editor at Wired. And I’ve been writing, editing, and publishing professionally for over two decades.

See LinkedIn for more details on my background, and scroll down to the bottom of this page for the rest of my contact info, including my email address.

Outside work, I founded tinywords, the world’s smallest daily magazine. It’s a haiku and micropoetry journal that’s been publishing more or less daily since 2000.

I’ve been blogging since the last millennium (my first post, on Blogger, was in November 1999), mostly about tech and media but sometimes about swimming or running or the Bay Area or life with kids. I try to write and draw every day, and if you’re into that sort of thing, most of my poetry and artsy stuff is on my Tumblr, El Camino Review.

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How You Got My Attention

One of today’s top recommended stories in my Medium feed is a piece intriguingly titled “How I Got My Attention Back.” I clicked through, only to see that Medium estimated it as a 14-minute read. Fourteen minutes! You expect me to spend more than half a pomodoro of my precious attention on a wandering first-person narrative about your …

Santa is real.

This year I took the kids shopping with me on Christmas Eve. I gave them $60 each: A twenty to buy a present for their mom, a twenty to buy a present for their sibling, and a twenty to buy some stocking stuffers for the other three members of the family. “You’re going to help play …