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How Facebook feeds conspiracies and bogus news

This article has inspired me to do a few things more consistently on Facebook: 1. I won’t share any articles I haven’t actually read 2. I won’t like or share memes/statement images unless there’s an article I’ve read attached to them 3. I won’t support stupid question-mark headlines (“Is Donald Trump a lizardman?”) by sharing […]

Rise up. (thanks Dave Bonta)

2016 translation guide


alt right = neo nazi
Fake news = propaganda
Normalizing = appeasement

I’m making a stand

Both my kids go to schools where many students, and/or their parents, are going to be vulnerable to deportation. We told them both that it’s important to let everyone know that they stand against this. That there are friends who will fight…so I want you all to know this too. I’m not going to just […]

Watching a bunch of people in Ohio watch the rain fall.

“Everything worth doing takes time. You have to write a hundred bad songs before you write one good one. And you have to sacrifice a lot of things that you might not be prepared for. Like it or not, you are in this alone and have to follow your own star.”

Bob Dylan

At #money2020, @martindale predicts Bitcoin price will increase 10x, to $6,000+, in 12 months 🙄 crossposted from Facebook
October 24, 2016 at 05:05PM

“If you have an immutable record, authoritarian gov’ts might find that very interesting too.” Jamie Smith of @BitFuryGroup #Money2020 crossposted from Facebook
October 24, 2016 at 04:42PM

“Smart contracts are neither smart nor are they contracts…what they are is automated bits of business logic.” Jacob Farber at #Money2020 crossposted from Facebook
October 23, 2016 at 02:35PM

Happy Sukkot.

Today I learned about Sukkot, the Jewish holiday celebrating agriculture and … living in huts? As I was walking up to the pool today I saw a U-Haul pickup with a big wooden structure on the back of it. Coming around, I saw it was open to the back, and there was a semicircle of […]

The Central Bureau

The “Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams” is a real thing. The first Central Bureau was formally created in the 1880s in Kiel, Germany, remaining there until World War I when it was moved to Copenhagen Observatory (Denmark), where it essentially remained until the end of 1964. It currently resides in Cambridge, Mass., overseen by the Harvard […]

“I honestly feel bad for anyone with that much hate.” –Anastasia Somoza, DNC speaker, July 25, 2016

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