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The Central Bureau

The “Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams” is a real thing. The first Central Bureau was formally created in the 1880s in Kiel, Germany, remaining there until World War I when it was moved to Copenhagen Observatory (Denmark), where it essentially remained until the end of 1964. It currently resides in Cambridge, Mass., overseen by the Harvard […]

“I honestly feel bad for anyone with that much hate.” –Anastasia Somoza, DNC speaker, July 25, 2016


I taught the 15 year old how to create an invoice so I could pay her for some work she did for me. She took my invoice template and gave it a purple background, with blue Bubblegum Sans text.

“I have to say, I get a lot of inspiration from just going out and pretending I’ve never been to this planet before. It’s a great way to remember just how absurd, strange, beautiful, and unlikely everything is around you.”

Brendan Constantine

You have to take it upon yourself to be an infinitely fantastic person.

Henry Rollins: “Since an upgrade will not occur on a national level via presidential pen stroke or SCOTUS decision, you have to take it upon yourself to be an infinitely fantastic person every single day. There will be times when it will be a bitch to be so awesome, but you’ll handle it. This century […]

“Do you know a cure for me?” “Why yes,” he said, “I know a cure for everything. Salt water.” “Salt water?” I asked him. “Yes,” he said, “in one way or the other. Sweat, or tears, or the salt sea.”

–Isak Dinesen (aka Karen Blixen)

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I become aware of cello sounds over the speakers. My breathing slows, brow un-furrows, & I gradually realize it is @zoecello

Laurie Anderson: Advice to the Young

Laurie Anderson is my hero. “I became an artist because I want to be free,” she says in this short video. “I hate it when people tell me what to do.” Also: “The branding thing is something to really avoid. The Facebook stamping of who you are … resist that pressure. Because that pressure is […]

As a horse when he has run, a dog when he has tracked the game, a bee when it has made the honey, so a man when he has done a good act, does not call out for others to come and see, but he goes on to another act, as a vine goes on to produce again the grapes in season.

–Marcus Aurelius

Few men have souls so dead that they will not bother to look up when they hear the barking of wild Geese.

–Roger Tory Peterson

(for “men,” modern readers may wish to substitute “people”)

You will be no swimmer till you can place some confidence in the power of the water to support you. —Benjamin Franklin (via 10 Mile Swim)

“You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand.”  —Woodrow Wilson (via pangeaseed)

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