Write like a human.

Seth Godin: “The next time you get all formal or obfuscatory or snarky, ask a simple question, ‘If I knew this person and we were eating together in a restaurant, would I speak to them the same way?

Write like a human.

3 thoughts on “Write like a human.

  1. Dear Dipshit,

    What the fuck!? Were you planning on paying your electric bill this month? You do know we’ll shut the juice off if you don’t pay it for a couple months in a row. Then you’ll be sitting in the dark like some pathetic old lady. You loser. Send the fucking check in, already.


    Yeah, that might be an improvement…

  2. I. says:

    Yeah, I’d say that’s pretty accurate. But you shouldn’t downgrade old ladies like that, asswipe.

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